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Amir Sedaghat, DDS PC

At Amir Sedaghat, DDS PC, we go several steps beyond basic dental care and provide endodontic specialist services for our patients. If you are struggling with intense pain in your teeth or difficulty biting down, do not hesitate to give us a call. While regular dental work is important, there are multiple issues that require more complex care.

If you find that a regular dental checkup is not enough to ease your pain, give us a call. As an endodontist, we can treat chipped and damaged teeth, while also providing root canals and endodontic surgery, when necessary. Give us a call to begin the treatment process and live life without pain in your teeth.

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Our Team

Under the direction of Dr. Amir Sedaghat, DDS, PC, we provide high-quality care to patients in need of endodontic services. We understand that no matter how much one attempts to prevent dental damage, accidents happen. In those situations, people need professional care that covers more than cleaning teeth or just bonding a piece back onto the tooth. Our team will help repair any damage, treat any infection and restore a tooth while keeping the patient comfortable. From the moment patients walk in the door to any necessary follow-up care, our team strives to keep a calm and welcoming atmosphere for the patients.

Our Services

We utilize advanced technology to provide high-quality treatment for damaged teeth. While it is possible to damage a tooth by biting down on a hard food item or having an accident that effects your teeth, infection is one of the main causes of needing a root canal. As an endodontist, we can remove the infected portion of the tooth and ensure the tooth remains fully-functional after treatment. Our services include root canal treatment, root canal retreatment, emergency endodontist care, endodontic surgery and complex root canals. We also treat chipped, broken and dislodged teeth. We may need multiple appointments to treat some of these conditions.

Patient Information

To begin the process, we will need new patients to fill out a “New Patient Information Form” that covers patient’s medical history, current health, insurance, allergies and any other pertinent information. The patient can fill the form out online at home before the appointment. In the case of an emergency, the patient can fill out the form at the office and we will help, if necessary. We will use the information from this form and the results from the initial examination to determine the most effective form of treatment. We will customize the treatment for each patient and ensure the patient remains comfortable during the procedure.