What I Learned From Visiting a Root Canal Specialist

A root canal specialist is someone who has lots of training and experience dealing with infected teeth. A tooth can become infected when symptoms of tooth decay have been ignored for extended periods. When you eat, it's normal for food … Continued

Complex Root Canals Should Be Performed by an Expert

Complex root canals should be performed by an endodontist. In our office, we complete root canals on a regular basis, have the experience and training necessary to do so. As such, we highly recommend calling our office anytime that a … Continued

If You Are Seeking An Endodontics Treatment: Amir Sedaghat, DDS PC Can Help

When your tooth is infected, it is important that you visit our endodontics office. Endodontics includes the diagnosis and treatment of the dental pulp along with the nerves and tissues surrounding it. The dental pulp is the soft, nerve-filled center … Continued

Avoid Discomfort by Visiting Amir Sedaghat, DDS PC for a Non-Surgical Root Canal

We can provide you with a non-surgical root canal to improve your oral health.  It is critical that you have an infected tooth treated right away and a root canal is often required in order to do so. Many people … Continued

An Endodontic Specialist Can Treat an Infected Tooth

If you have an infected tooth, it is possible that you will need a root canal. While there are multiple dentists that can perform the procedure, the best person to visit is an endodontic specialist. As one, we offer our … Continued

How Endodontics Can Help After Your Tooth Has Been Injured

What Is Endodontics? Endodontics is a field within dentistry that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of the inside of the tooth, specifically the root of the tooth including the dental pulp, which is the soft tissue that lies at … Continued

A Root Canal Dentist Can Save Your Tooth

When a tooth becomes infected, it is important to see a root canal dentist such as Amir Sedaghat, DDS PC for the correct treatment. A root canal dentist can effectively remove the infected portion of the tooth and help the … Continued

Signs an Emergency Root Canal is Necessary

We can perform an emergency root canal to restore your oral health quickly. A root canal has a bad reputation for being a painful procedure but we are here to say that the pain is actually caused by the infection … Continued

Reasons to Visit a Root Canal Specialist

If your tooth has an infection, it is important to visit a root canal specialist. A root canal specialist can remove the infected area of the tooth while preserving as much of the natural tooth structure as possible. This procedure … Continued

When and Why Root Canals are Necessary

Root canals are an incredibly important and beneficial procedure. They are responsible for allowing teeth to remain intact after suffering a severe infection. Were it not for root canals, more patients would lose their teeth due to extractions.Still, the procedure … Continued