An Endodontic Specialist Can Treat an Infected Tooth

Posted on: February 23, 2018

EndodonticIf you have an infected tooth, it is possible that you will need a root canal. While there are multiple dentists that can perform the procedure, the best person to visit is an endodontic specialist. As one, we offer our patients the benefit of our knowledge and experience to make the process of receiving a root canal as comfortable as possible. When patients visit us with an infected tooth, they are already suffering from a large amount of pain and are in need of comfort.

An infected tooth can be incredibly difficult to live with and be painful when eating or even biting down. When the infection becomes very bad, it can cause pain even when a person is resting. Thus, we believe it is incredibly important to perform the procedure in as gentle of a manner as possible and provide our patients with fast relief. This is something that we can do as a specialist.

Root canals can be painful

We acknowledge that a root canal can be painful. Many people visit our office for help after having undergone one in the past that was an incredibly negative experience. If a dentist does not perform this procedure on a regular basis, they may not have the knowledge or expertise required to perform a root canal that is gentle and will not cause irritation.

This is not for lack of trying, but simply that it is a complicated procedure that does require experience to truly remove the infected portion of the tooth without causing irritation. Fortunately, patients who visit our office can have a root canal completed in a comfortable manner. In fact, many patients that visit our office state that they will never go anywhere else for a root canal again.

Fast recovery time

One of the benefits of visiting our office to see and an endodontic specialist is that the recovery time is often faster than it would be if visiting a dentist who does not perform root canals on a regular basis. Our skills allow us to remove the infected portion of the tooth without irritating any of the surrounding hard or soft tissue. Many people do not realize that the discomfort they feel afterward is due to irritation in the surrounding area of the tooth. This does not happen to patients when visiting our office.

An endodontic specialist will ensure that all of the infection is removed

Another important factor that patients should be aware of is that a dentist who lacks experience may accidentally leave some of the infection. It is possible for a tooth to become re-infected after a root canal if any of the infection remains. As a specialist, we ensure the process is incredibly thorough and that patients do not suffer from a repeat infection but instead can begin the road to a complete recovery.

We can restore the tooth

After removing the infected portion of a tooth, it will be important to close it up an ensure that the tooth does not get another infection.Completing the process will involve making sure to cover the hole up with a compound to seal the tooth. By removing the infected portion, the patient will no longer feel pain.

Then, a patient will need to return to our office for a second visit so that we can place the permanent crown after the tooth heals. Since the crowns will match the color of teeth, they will look natural and blend in with the surrounding teeth so that no one can tell the tooth is not completely natural.

Visit us for help when suffering from a toothache

We encourage patients to call our office when they have a toothache or if they are going to need a root canal. As an endodontic specialist, we complete these procedures on a regular basis and are certain that our process is as comfortable as possible, allowing our patients to have a positive experience.

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